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Hello Libra Season! Jewelry and Vibes for our Favorite Art-Lovers, Diplomats and Charmers.

13/10/2023 | Denise Houser

 As the leaves begin to turn and the air grows crisper, we welcome the enchanting season of Libra. This sign, represented by the symbol of the scales, is known for its love of beauty and balance, as well as sparkling charm and indecision.  

Here at Houser we love to consider astrology as a tool for relationships, individual pursuits, and a fun way to connect to the more mysterious parts of the universe. Like everything, take what you like and leave the rest. Astrology can be a serious study and pursuit, or it can be a creative, playful way to interpret our lives, connections, and the world around us. 

We love Libra season especially because Libras know that you should never have to sacrifice style on the day-to-day. Jewelry is one of our favorite ways to celebrate beauty and adornment, like a true libra. Like the amazing Libra women featured above—Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Serena Williams—this sign takes names and gets it done, all while being a beacon of style and presence. 

We picked out some pieces that are best for our favorite diplomatic, charming, and aesthetic air signs. Jewelry for Libra season is all about individuality, trend setting, and balance. Things you can wear on the daily, with just a little bit of extra oomph and sparkle. 

Whether you're a Libra yourself or seeking a gift for a Libra friend, our Libra Season collection is designed to harmonize with the spirit of this season. Embrace Libra season with jewelry that radiates balance, charm and presence. Elevate your style, embrace your inner Libra, and let your beauty shine. Explore our Libra Season Collection. 

Next up, Scorpio Season! 


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