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Hello Pisces Season!

21/02/2024 | Thea Sass-Ainsworth

Jewelry and vibes for our favorite empathic, creative and compassionate water signs.


No more Aquarius season with all its intellectualism and busy bee radical energy. It’s time to get deep, introspective and in touch with our emotions and subconscious. Pisces season brings to light how powerful the depth of our feelings can be. It’s the 12th sign—the last, the very end—of the zodiac, marking the end of a karmic cycle. This time encourages us to think spiritually and universally, and feel the weight of our individual and collective pains and passions.


Pisces have a reputation for being crybabies—they may be too empathetic for their own good! Like all water signs, depth and creativity and sensitivity rule, but unlike Scorpio and Cancer, Pisces have no external shell of protection. This is definitely the dreamiest, most empathic of signs. The two fish that symbolize Pisces exist in contradiction and as one: this is the domain of great healing and suffering, pleasure and pain. Like the fish, Pisces are submerged in the depths of their environments. They feel everything and are aware of everything.


This is a time where you can expect to be reacquainted with your big feelings, even if you are someone who prefer to think logically or practically. Don’t ignore your feelings or think about them as puzzles to overcome. What this season is all about is experiencing the rawness and authenticity of our emotions, and channeling them into generosity, spirituality and compassion.


Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is representative of psychic intuition, creativity and dreams. However, Pisces have a reputation for flakiness or being delusional. Neptune is also ruled by illusion and escapism. Like the energy of the ocean, Pisces season is magical, magnetic, mysterious, and a little bit scary in its depths.


Pisces are incredibly adaptable, making them intuitive and able to tap into our collective conscious. They are often powerful artists, romantics, and creatives—so this is a great time of year to channel the energy of shared experience.


It’s hard to feel everything all the time, so Pisces can often fall into self pity or a feeling of powerlessness. Remember that you can help others and your decisions are your own to make—use your gifts in the way that feels most generous and powerful to you.


Pisces season is the time to look beyond the practical; beyond our goals and ambitions, and make sure we’re centered on the very messy and beautiful things that make us human. It’s time for some soul TLC. Harness the magic and depth of this season of feeling our emotions through connection, art, and dreams.


This season we are invited to trust the flow of life, to lean into our imagination and dreams, and to recognize our oneness with all beings. Shop our Pisces Season Collection to harness the full depth of the power and generosity in our emotions.

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