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Hello Sagittarius Season!

28/11/2023 | Denise Houser

Welcome Sagittarius season! Sagittarius season is a breath of fresh air after the emotional intensity of Scorpio. This is a time of year for living generously and expansively. Sagittarius is all about meeting new people, exploring new things, traveling, philosophizing. It’s a time to experience all that the universe has to offer. This is a sign that is driven for a desire for understanding and knowledge—not just of ideas, but of experiences. 
Sagittarius season encourages us to get out there and do. They are optimistic, adventurous, open and curious. This time of year can makes us feel a little restless, so it’s a great time to let the things that make you curious or that you desire move you into action. This isn’t a time to be tidy, organized and predictable, but to make a mess along the road towards discovery. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a planet of abundance, generosity, excess, and luck. Fueled by wanderlust and a perpetual quest for knowledge, Sagittarians are natural storytellers and expeditionaries. 
This is a time of year for expanding your ideas and enacting them into being joyfully.  Sagittarius season is perfect for opening up your heart, mind and spirit through exchange of ideas, travel and venturing gladly into the unknown. 
Our Sagittarius Season Collection is perfect of for the Sagittarius in your life, or if you want to harness their awesome optimistic, curious, and open-hearted vibes. 


Evocative of far off locales and sunny skies, our Magnolia Earrings brighten the spirit: perfect for Sagittarius season. Handcrafted by our Hill Tribe Partners. 

Sagittarians are deeply philosophical, so we know that they’ll be all over the philosophy behind our Karma Ring, representing the idea that what goes around comes around. Handcrafted by our Hill Tribe partners and available in 14k gold vermeil or silver. Great on its own or as a stacking ring. 

The Clarisse Necklace is a great every-day 14k gold vermeil necklace that harnesses the radiant, fiery, abundant energy of Sagittarius. 
Our Sahara Bracelet reminds us of adventure and exploration. This piece fuses pyrite—great the creative and confident Sagittarius—with a gorgeous Herkimer Diamond and Hope charm. 
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