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Welcome Aquarius Season!

20/01/2024 | Denise Houser

Jewelry and vibes for our favorite independent, progressive, and visionary air signs.

Aquarius season is a welcome shake-up from discipline-oriented Capricorn alenseason. Its arrival sparks our imagination, and unleashes the parts of our minds that are joyful, rebellious, and probably a little weird. It’s a time for independence, innovation and looking towards the future.


Aquarians are social pioneers that need their freedom. They are often focused on the collective and humanitarian efforts, and enact ideas in the least conventional(oftentimes  radical)way possible. Rather than focusing on tangible goals, Aquarius season encourages us to think big and bold and be defiantly idealistic in envisioning the kind of world we want to live in.  Aquarius season allow us to imagine new rules for a new future, and to do it together.


Aquarius is an air sign that is often confused for a water sign, because of its symbol—the water bearer. It is ruled by Uranus, the planet of originality, freedom, and innovation. This season is a time where we feel courageous, rebellious, and creative. Where we break the rules and think outside the box. It gives us permission to do away the status quo and tradition.


Air signs are known for their social prowess, intellect and imagination. Aquarians are charming like their Gemini and libra counterparts, but also have a flair for the eccentric. Aquarius is linked to innovation, revolution, hippies(the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, anyone?)and geniuses and creatives of all types.


During this time, you might get tired of doing the things the regular way. Tradition, routine, or small talk with friends and colleagues can feel stifling. It can be tempting to break with all of tradition, but remember—tradition can be stabilizing! Aquarians, for all their openness and unconventionality, can sometimes feel like their way is the best, most right way. This is a good time of year to remember to continue to invest in your communities and friendships, and to stay generous and open hearted.


Follow your wildest ideas and embrace the radical, the beautiful and the unusual this Aquarius season. This time of year, with its creative and revolutionary energy, can make us all feel alive. Shop our Aquarius Season Collection to harness this visionary, innovative energy.

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