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Welcome Aries Season!

19/03/2024 | Denise Houser

Winter is over, according to the astrological calendar! With the Spring Equinox comes the beginning of Aries Season, a time that fully embodies the sensuality, desire and rebirth of spring. Everything right now holds newness and promise—the world is opening up its arms to you. This season is a breath of fresh air  after the dreamy, moody, spiritual depths of Pisces. Aries Season comes in like a rocket—it calls us to be bold, to have fun, to be passionate and in touch with our physical desires. This is a simpler time, where we may take cues from the incredible self-determination of Aries: sometimes we can take a breather from the universal, and focus on being ourselves. 
Aries energy is impulsive and direct, with boundless joie de vivre and and unyielding bravery.  Aries is represented by the fiery ram, with its powerful horns. This is not the time for us to sit still and wait for things to happen—it’s a time of action. It’s a time to make connections in the world, to manifest our desires and to physically get out there and go after all that we want in our lives. Aries are courageous and have very little desire or ability to think about the consequences of their actions. This season invites you to channel Aries’ unwavering confidence into all that you are going after. 
Aries are perhaps best known for being fiercely competitive, impulsive and action-oriented. They act before considering, and ask forgiveness instead of permission. Ruled by Mars, the planet of desire and named after the god of war, many see Aries as aggressive and argumentative, which isn’t necessarily true. The base nature of Aries is not to intellectualize but to do through sheer force of will. They are honest and direct, and have no desire to lie, play games, or dance around the truth of the matter. All of this fire energy makes Aries Season a time that is not about nuance and consideration. This is a time of cheerful and flavorful determination and sometimes brutal honesty. If you’re someone who is used to holding back your feelings, the straightforwardness of this time can be anxiety-producing, but this season can show us how powerful it is to be direct in what we feel. 
Aries lead with a blind optimism, leaping bravely into what they desire. This sign is also known as the baby of the zodiac, the first one—and they love to be number one, so it’s fitting! Being the baby, there is not weight of collective trauma, and no inherited wisom. This is a time to take in the sparkly and exciting newness of the world. This season a great time for beginnings, as Aries are more comfortable in action than in wait. New jobs, projects, relationships fall into place during this time.  Be decisive, be bold! 
Aries Season gives us the heat we need to make bold and bright changes in our lives. Aries are feisty, fun and not afraid to get their hands dirty going after all that they desire. This season invites us to command and initiate, and to be bold and assured in who you are. Aries invites us to eschew permission and to live the life you want to lead with confidence and joy. You don’t need anyone else to believe in you, you have the confidence you need already. This season gives us the energy to go for it, to do your thing, to be unabashedly brave and you. Shop our Aries Season collection to channel this bold, bright springtime courage. Fearlessly go for it all, like an Aries!
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