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Welcome Taurus Season!

30/04/2024 | Thea Sass-Ainsworth

Jewelry and vibes for our favorite grounded, tenacious, and epicurean earth sign.

Welcome Taurus season! Winer is actually, really, finally over. We’re in the true core of spring, where all of the buds on the trees and flowers are blooming, and everything is alive and awake again. After the bombastic intensity of Aries season, Taurus invites us to get revel in all of the beauty around us, and ground ourselves in the earth. Right now we can trust the process, and indulge in some well-deserved self care while working towards fulfilling our goals and dreams.
Taurus is an earth sign that is deeply connected to the body—the work that it can do, and the pleasure than can be felt. Known for stubbornness, loyalty and a love of the finer things in life, Taurus knows how to refuse the hustle mindset. Ego and status aren’t what are most important—this time invites us to stay connected to the core of who we are, and work steadily towards what we want while enjoying all that we can in the moment. During Taurus season you may feel newly alive, like spring, and able to experience all the little joys about living in the physical world, all while building strong roots. 
Taurus is symbolized by the bull, a sign of power, determination and tenacity. The energy of Taurus is very practical and unafraid to put in the work to really get things done. This sign is all about playing the long game—putting down roots, working steadfastly, sustained action. Taurus doesn’t need their work to be flashy or attention grabbing; they aren’t prone to impulsive behavior (a welcome change after Aries, out hotheaded friends!) or fleeting trends. This season is a great time for committing to and painting goals, dreams and desires, and to patiently wait for all of the work you put in to manifest. The stubborn energy of the bull can be a good thing—this is a time where you can stay grounded and firm in who you are and what you believe in. 
As an earth sign, Taurus can be known for their practicality and love of security, but this is the most sensual sign of the zodiac. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty and money. Taurus season is all about pleasure for the sake of it. This sign has a stereotype for being obsessed with their bed, bubble baths, food, wine, sex. This can come across as materialistic or indulgent, but it’s about knowing the true value of rest, relaxation and luxury, on your terms. This time invites us to read a book in a sunny field, savor an incredible meal and really treat yourself to the things that you love. 
Taurus know how to get things done, and do it with incredible focus and loyalty. The resilience and tenacity of this sign that can sometimes flair up into obstinance or an inability to let things go. However, this makes them able to stay true to who they are, and to be incredibly trustworthy and devoted friends and partners. 
This season reminds us how miraculous our bodies are, and how beautiful the world can be. If you’re someone who tends to get stuck in your thoughts, or worry too much about the future or past, Taurus can bring us right back to present and to our body. This time of year invites us to pay attention to the wonderful things that exist all around us. Now is the time to work hard for the things that really matter, but also to recognize that work isn’t all we can do—rest and play are just as important. Shop our Taurus Season collection to get grounded, empowered and treat yourself, just like this hardworking and fun loving earth sign. 
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