Cracked Cacao
Cracked Cacao Cracked Cacao Cracked Cacao


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Cocoa nibs from La Colonia, Nicaragua cooked in sugar, bourbon & spices to create a delicious chocolate snack that doesn't melt! It's like chocolate granola.

Goes great on ice cream, yogurt or just in your mouth.

It's Not Your Typical Chocolate Bar – which means it's arguably 1000% better than any mass-produced brand you'd find in major stores today. Why? Because of our process. We'll tell you why below:

 It's Hand Crafted - i.e. not mass produced. Our products go through a lot of human hands to turn the cocoa beans into bars...and beyond. From our human attention to detail combined with our sourcing of high quality ingredients, craft matters and makes it worth every melt-in-your-mouth bite.

Organic Ingredients –All of our chocolate products are made with primarily organic ingredients. If not certified, we are buying ingredients that are farmed organically (sometimes without certification), or which partake in biodynamic farming practices to protect the environment.

Ethically-sourced – produced from hand picked cacao, our cocoa beans are always sourced from farms where we know farmers receive at or above fair trade wages. Transparency in our industry is primary and paramount to making the cocoa supply chain more equitable.

Sustainability – Our chocolate bar wrappers are made from recyclable paper, and the inside "plastic" is biodegradable/compostable. Our glass jars & tins for drinks and snacks are easy to use and re-use. Please reuse and recycle our packages when possible.