Coconut wax blend candle with burn time of 55-65 hours.  Fragrance of Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Amber, Blonde Woods, Grapefruit and Herbal. Reusable straight-sided glass jar with metal lid. Wood wicks sourced and manufactured in the USA.

B.A.B.E. Collection


from the first magic moments of expecting a new life into yours to the infinite number of firsts you will experience with your child in your lifetime.  the smell of a baby is unparalleled.  it is fresh and sweet and unforgettable.  the love you feel is unfathomable. the beauty in your child’s eyes, the wave of their little hand, their uninhibited laughter.  and let us not forget the complete and overwhelming exhaustion that feels relentless and unending.  this is B.A.B.E

lavender, juniper

lavender. oh, lavender!  take a poll of favorite scents and lavender tops the list almost every time.  it is the equivalent of a soothing lullaby in the scent world.  we’ve added a touch of juniper to give it a fresh and unexpected twist.