Nutcracker Brittle
Nutcracker Brittle Nutcracker Brittle Nutcracker Brittle


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No nutcrackers were harmed in the making of this chocolate bar. Hazelnuts and sweet brittle pieces in 55% dark chocolate – crunchy, salty and jolly.  

One of our favorite seasonal traditions is the mixed nut bowl full of walnuts, pecans and of course, hazelnuts. In honor of that, we decided to take our favorite nut, the hazelnut, and pair it with our sweet and crunchy brittle. From there, we add that mix into our smooth 55% dark chocolate and finish it off with a pinch of salt. Our organic and fair trade Nutcracker Brittle 55% Dark Chocolate bar has become a new holiday tradition.

Theo Tip: Add a couple of squares of this chocolate bar to your appetizer or charcuterie board. It pairs well with a smoked camembert.

•Organic   •Fair for Life   •Non-GMO  

•Soy Free   •Kosher   •Vegan   •Gluten Free