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Larissa Malachite Necklace Larissa Malachite Necklace
Larissa Malachite Necklace

The Larissa necklace features beads of malachite (insight, personal growth, healing) interspersed with organic gold vermeil beads. Adjustable length with a 14k gold-filled clasp. Length: 16" to 18"     Free shipping over $100, free returns within...

Tate Gold Vermeil Hoop Earrings Tate Gold Vermeil Hoop Earrings
Tate Gold Vermeil Hoop Earrings

The Tate hoop earrings were handcrafted by Thai hill tribe silversmiths in sterling silver and then plated with 14k gold vermeil. Designed by Houser, the unique Tate earrings feature a concave shape with tiny dots...

Karma Gold Ring
    Karma Gold Ring

    The Karma ring represents the idea of what goes around tends to come around. The simple curves of this ring are first handcrafted in fine silver by our hill tribe partners and then plated with...

    Clarice Gold Sphere Necklace Clarice Gold Sphere Necklace
    Clarice Gold Sphere Necklace

    14k gold vermeil ball hangs from a 14k gold-filled chain and clasp. Length: 18”    Free shipping over $100, free returns within 30 days. 



    Keep it Clean: Regularly clean your gold vermeil jewelry to remove oils, dirt and sweat, which can cause it to look dull. —Use a soft, lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the jewelry. Be gentle when cleaning and avoid abrasive materials and toothbrushes  that can scratch the surface. 

    Limit Moisture Exposure: Moisture and humidity can lead to tarnishing or damage to the gold plating. Store your jewelry in a dry place and avoid wearing it in humid conditions. —If your jewelry does get wet, make sure to thoroughly dry it with a soft cloth. 

    Store Properly: When you’re not wearing your gold vermeil jewelry, store it in a cool, dry place. You can use anti-tarnish pouches or cloth to help prevent tarnish. 

    Re-plate as Needed: Over time, the gold plating on vermeil jewelry may wear off. If you notice the silver base metal showing through or the jewelry losing its luster, consider getting it re-plated by a jeweler. 

    Wear Your Jewelry: Like with silver jewelry, wearing your gold vermeil jewelry regularly can help maintain its appearance, as the natural oils on your skin can provide a protective layer. 

    Avoid Excessive Friction: Be mindful of excessive friction or contact with other hard surfaces, as this can cause the gold plating to wear away.

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