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Hello, Gemini season! This is the time for ideas, conversation and sparkle! This season is for finding the new and exciting in our everyday lives, to talk to everyone about every little thing that makes you curious. During this time, we’re reminded to express ourselves, to communicate, to learn, and to not limit ourselves to one way of being. Let yourself marvel at the world around you, the universe will reward you for being inquisitive. Shop our Gemini season  collection to get curious, energized and expressive, just like this sparkly air sign.

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Marta Fine Silver Necklace Marta Fine Silver Necklace
Marta Fine Silver Necklace

Thick links of fine silver handcrafted by one of our Hill Tribe partners in Thailand make up this classic and eye-catching necklace. Perfect on its own or paired with other pieces. Length: 16"     Free...

Daria Gold Pearl Earrings Daria Gold Pearl Earrings
Daria Gold Pearl Earrings

You'll reach for these lovely freshwater baroque pearl earrings daily.....on long gold-filled earwires with the pearl energy of truth and sincerity. Length: 2"    Free shipping over $100, free returns within 30 days. 

Fine Silver Star Charm
Charms & Pendants
Fine Silver Star Charm

The Fine Silver Star Charm is handmade by our Hill Tribe silversmith partners in rural Thailand. You can choose one or two to add to any of our hoop earrings. Please note the price is...

Aria Amethyst Bracelet Aria Amethyst Bracelet
Aria Amethyst Bracelet

The Aria bracelet harnesses the beauty of vibrant faceted amethyst coins. Amethyst is a stone known for relieving stress, balancing emotions and dispelling fear. Fastened with Thai hill tribe fine silver toggle clasp. We donate...

Gemini Jewelry

 Gemini season is busy, and our Daria Gold Pearl Earrings work for every occasion.You can wear these at the party, at the library, when traveling—they’re eye-catching and elegant. Freshwater baroque pearls on 14k gold-filled ear wires.

 This time of year can be a whirlwind of socialization and exploration, and our Aria Amethyst Bracelet is perfect for balancing emotions. This piece harnesses the beauty of vibrant faceted amethyst coins, with a Thai Hill Tribe fine silver toggle clasp.

Our Marta Fine Silver Necklace is adaptable and eye-catching, just like a Gemini! Made of thick links of fine silver and handcrafted by our Hill Tribe partners, this piece is gorgeous on its own, or paired with other necklaces. 

Geminis are amazingly charismatic and extroverted, and how better to represent this sparkle than with a star? Our Fine Silver Star Charms can be paired with earrings or on a necklace. Fine silver, handcrafted by our Hill Tribe partners. 

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