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Semi-Precious Stones

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Candice Gold Chain with Herkimer Diamond Candice Gold Chain with Herkimer Diamond
Candice Gold Chain with Herkimer Diamond

Our Avery necklace is created with a 14k gold-filled chain and a lovely Herkimer “diamond” known for its pure healing energy. Wear it alone or layer with other necklaces.   Length: 16”    Free shipping over...

Community Cameo Skeleton Ring in Agate and Silver Community Cameo Skeleton Ring in Agate and Silver
    Community Cameo Skeleton Ring in Agate and Silver

    The Community Cameo Ring is one-of-a-kind and the second piece from our new Humanity Collection. Three carved white agate skeletons are shown in an embrace against a black agate background. The relevance of skeletons here...

    Thea Herkimer Gold Earrings Thea Herkimer Gold Earrings
    Thea Herkimer Gold Earrings

    The Thea earrings feature Herkimer "diamonds", a version of quartz found in Herkimer, New York. The energy of these stones is similar to crystal quartz, but elevated for profound healing. Wear these delicate earrings everyday....

    Candice Silver Necklace with Herkimer Diamond Candice Silver Necklace with Herkimer Diamond
    Candice Silver Necklace with Herkimer Diamond

    Our Avery sterling silver necklace features a lovely Herkimer "diamond" that is known for its healing energy. With its simple sparkle, you can wear this piece alone or with a longer necklace like the Avery...

    Fulani Pyrite Earrings Fulani Pyrite Earrings
    Fulani Pyrite Earrings

    With the Fulani earrings you can wear the pyrite energy of vitality, willpower, creativity and confidence close to you everywhere you go. These natural, organic nuggets are paired with sterling silver wires.  Length: 1”   ...

    Veronique Green Kyanite Necklace Veronique Green Kyanite Necklace
    Veronique Green Kyanite Necklace

    Lustrous Green Kyanite (emotional balance) necklace, accented with tiny fine silver beads and handcrafted organic fine silver beads by Thai silversmiths.  Length: 16” to 18” (with 2” extender chain) We donate at least five percent...

    Sahara Pyrite and Fine Silver Bracelet Sahara Pyrite and Fine Silver Bracelet
    Sahara Pyrite and Fine Silver Bracelet

    Bracelet with Pyrite cubes (creativity & confidence), Lawa Tribe fine silver beads, clasp and Hope charm, Herkimer "diamond" (pure energy). Length: 7" We donate at least five percent of every sale to causes that support...

    Mora Lodolite Necklace Mora Lodolite Necklace
    Mora Lodolite Necklace

    The Mora Lodolite Necklace features a stunning faceted lodolite stone anchored on a 14k gold-filled chain. Lodolite is known for its strong manifestation properties.  Length: 24"     Free shipping over $100, free returns within 30...

    Drew Labradorite Bracelet
    Drew Labradorite Bracelet

    Faceted labradorite bracelet accented with a Herkimer “ diamond” (pure energy), and Hill Tribe fine silver beads and toggle clap. We donate at least five percent of every sale to causes that support our mission. Click...

    Abby Amethyst Necklace Abby Amethyst Necklace
    Abby Amethyst Necklace

    Our Abby Necklace features stunning purple amethyst beads with an adjustable length silver clasp. Amethyst is a stone known for balancing moods and dispelling anger, fear, anxiety and negative emotions.     Free shipping over $100,...

    Anna Aventurine Silver Bracelet Anna Aventurine Silver Bracelet
    Anna Aventurine Silver Bracelet

    Beautiful green aventurine beads make up our Aria bracelet, paired with Hill Tribe silver beads, toggle and clasp. Green aventurine is a heart chakra activator, known for bringing emotional calm and healing.      Free shipping...

    Aria Amethyst Bracelet Aria Amethyst Bracelet
    Aria Amethyst Bracelet

    The Aria bracelet harnesses the beauty of vibrant faceted amethyst coins. Amethyst is a stone known for relieving stress, balancing emotions and dispelling fear. Fastened with Thai hill tribe fine silver toggle clasp. We donate...

    Lana Black Spinel Bracelet Lana Black Spinel Bracelet
    Lana Black Spinel Bracelet

    Adorn your wrist with faceted black spinel beads in the Lana bracelet. We've paired these stones with gold-filled beads and clasp, with a dangling herkimer diamond. Black spinel is a stone known for repelling negative...

    Malachite and Gold Charm Malachite and Gold Charm
    Charms & Pendants
    Malachite and Gold Charm

    Our Malachite charms are the perfect addition to any of our hoop earrings to change up your look. On gold-filled wires. Buy one or two to pair with any of our hoop earrings. Price is for...

    Olivia Opal Necklace
    Olivia Opal Necklace

    The Olivia Necklace is five dainty opal beads paired with a herkimer diamond, on a 14k gold vermeil chain. Opals are the October birthstone, and are known for the iridescent, fire-y quality in color. They're...



    Store Properly: When you’re not wearing your bead jewelry, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It’s best to keep your jewelry in a jewelry box or a soft pouch to prevent dust and scratches. 

    Keep Separated: To prevent beads from scratching each other, consider storing each piece of jewelry separately or using soft jewelry pouches to keep them from coming into contact. 

    Gentle Cleaning: Clean your beaded jewelry with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt, sweat, or oils. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the beads or their finish. 

    Take Off Before Activities: Remove your jewelry before engaging in physical activities, such as sports or heavy lifting, as this can lead to damage.

    Avoid Contact with Chemicals: Avoid exposing your jewelry to chemicals, such as perfumes, lotions and household cleaning products. These substances can affect the beads’ color and luster. 

    Wear with Care: Be mindful of how you wear your beaded jewelry. Avoid tugging or pulling on it, and be cautious when taking it on and off. 

    Recharge Stones: Some semi-precious gemstones, like amethyst or quartz, may benefit from being “recharged” in the moonlight or with certain crystals.

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