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Athena Silver Necklace Athena Silver Necklace
Athena Silver Necklace

 The Athena necklace features a one-of-a-kind sculpted goddess charm. Hanging on a sterling silver chain, this pendant was created by hand-carving it in wax and then casting it in sterling silver. An inspiring symbol of...

Ursula Silver Necklace on Leather Ursula has an organic look and feel with a sense of movement. The concave hoop pendant features a dangling end to resemble a loose ribbon or falling water. Designed by Denise and handcrafted by Thai Lawa Tribe silversmiths, the pendant is attached to matte black leather that is adjustable with 2 Lawa beads at the ends.  Available in brass and fine silver.  Length: adjustable 20" to 30" (can be made up to 36", by request)
Ursula Silver Necklace on Leather

Ursula has an organic look and feel with a sense of movement. The fine silver concave hoop pendant features a dangling end to resemble a loose ribbon or falling water. Designed by Houser and handcrafted...

Miranda Large Silver Hoop Earrings Miranda Large Silver Hoop Earrings
Miranda Large Silver Hoop Earrings

The Miranda hoop earrings are a great option for everyday wear or at night. A basic that's never out of style, these are made with hollow sterling silver and very lightweight.    Free shipping over $100,...

Star Pendant with Chain Star Pendant with Chain
Star Pendant with Chain

 A large fine silver star pendant, hand-cut by the Lawa Tribe in northern Thailand, is added to their handcrafted chain and clasp to create this stunning necklace. Length: 18" We donate at least five percent...

Love Cameo Pendant Silver Necklace Love Cameo Pendant Silver Necklace
Love Cameo Pendant Silver Necklace

This Love Cameo Pendant is another piece from our Humanity Collection. Two carved white agate skeletons are shown in an embrace against a black agate background. the relevance of skeletons here is to depict human...

Silver Essential Hoops Silver Essential Hoops
Silver Essential Hoops

These hoop earrings are your go-to option for any occasion. Crafted with sterling silver tubing makes them lightweight and easy to wear for long periods of time. Choose sterling silver or 18k gold vermeil. Here's...

Patrice Silver Bracelet Patrice Silver Bracelet
Patrice Silver Bracelet

The Patrice bracelet features fine silver hollow beads handcrafted by a Karen silversmith I met in early 2020. I combined them with other hill tribe spacer beads and a toggle clasp to create a versatile...

Cafe Silver Bracelet Cafe Silver Bracelet
Cafe Silver Bracelet

Vintage-inspired sterling silver links make-up this modern everyday bracelet. Includes sterling silver lobster clasp. Length: 7"     Free shipping over $100, free returns within 30 days.   

Louise Louise

Wear the Louise necklace with others over a beautiful sweater or blouse or wear alone over a cotton t-shirt. Handcrafted by Thailand hill tribe silversmiths, fine silver small tube beads and one large one are...

Lily Pearl Necklace Lily Pearl Necklace
Lily Pearl Necklace

The Lily necklace is a slightly graduated strand of pearls with beautiful lustre and fastened with a sterling silver lobster clasp. We like it worn alone or with a longer necklace like the Athena. Length:...

Leah Fine Silver Necklace Leah Fine Silver Necklace
Leah Fine Silver Necklace

The Leah has been lovingly created with Hill tribe fine silver heishi beads, handcrafted long tube bead, clasp and extender chain. It will add a sophisticated finish to any outfit. Length: 17" to 18.5"   ...

Kanok Silver Bead Bracelet Bracelet Kanok Silver Bead Bracelet Bracelet
Kanok Silver Bead Bracelet Bracelet

Hill Tribe silver beads adorn this waxed cotton bracelet. Perfect to wear on its own, or pair with other favorites.  We donate at least five percent of every sale to causes that support our mission. Click...

Fine Silver Donut Charm
Charms & Pendants
Fine Silver Donut Charm

Our donut charms are handcrafted in fine silver by our Hill Tribe partners in rural Thailand. Buy one or two to pair with any of our hoop earrings. Price is for one charm. Diameter: 10mm     Free...

Sphere Silver Charm Sphere Silver Charm
Charms & Pendants
Sphere Silver Charm

The sterling silver Sphere charm can be added to any of our hoop earrings. Pair with silver hoops, or gold vermeil for a mixed metal look. Price is for one charm so you can choose whether to...

Harley Fine Silver Necklace Harley Fine Silver Necklace
    Harley Fine Silver Necklace

    The unique Harley chain necklace is made of fine silver horseshoe-shaped links, handcrafted by our Hill Tribe partners in Thailand. Length: Available in 16", 18", 20"and 22". Please contact us if you would prefer a...



    Store Jewelry Properly: When you’re not wearing your silver jewelry, store it in a cool, dry place. —Use anti-tarnish pouches or cloth to help prevent tarnish. 

    Avoid Humidity and Moisture: Silver can tarnish when exposed to moisture and humidity. Store your jewelry away from bathrooms and damp areas. —If your jewelry gets wet, make sure to dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. 

    Prevent Exposure to Chemicals: Avoid exposing your silver jewelry to chemicals, such as household cleaning products, perfumes, lotions and cosmetics. —Remove your jewelry before swimming in pools or hot tubs, as chlorine can cause tarnish. 

    Take Off Before Physical Activities: Remove your silver jewelry before engaging in physical activities, especially those that involve sweating or direct contact with hard surfaces. This will help prevent scratches and damage. 

    Clean Gently: Use a soft, lint-free cloth or a jewelry polishing cloth to gently wipe away dirt and tarnish. Microfiber cloths are ideal for this purpose. —If your jewelry needs a more thorough cleaning, you can use a mild silver polishing solution or a homemade paste of baking soda and water. Be gentle and avoid scrubbing. —Silver dip solutions can be used for a more severe tarnish, but use them sparingly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. These solutions can be abrasive to the jewelry if overused. 

    Check Gemstones and Settings: If your silver jewelry includes gemstones, make sure to inspect them regularly to ensure they’re secure. Loose stones can be easily lost or damaged. 

    Wear your Jewelry: Wearing your silver jewelry frequently can help prevent tarnish. The natural oils in your skin can provide a protective layer and keep it shining.

    Remember that tarnish is a natural process for silver, but with proper care and maintenance, you can keep your silver jewelry looking beautiful for years to come.

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