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Welcome, Cancer Season!

20/06/2024 | Denise Houser

With the summer solstice—the true beginning of summer, the longest day of the year—comes Cancer season. If Gemini season is all about fluttering to-and-fro and diffuse energy, then Cancer season brings immense depth, emotion, and an emphasis on the richness of our inner lives. Cancer emphasizes the romantic, maternal and heartfelt parts of ourselves, all while being leaders of the pack and the most devoted of friends and lovers. 
Cancer is the first water sign of the year, and the first summer sign. However, it’s not a carefree splashy summer vibe. This sign is best known for moodiness and depth of emotion. Water signs by nature are perceptive, intuitive and in touch with their feelings. Cancer energy is ruled by sensitivity, changeability, understanding and sharp insight. Prone to sentimentality, Cancers are just wired to feel their feelings in a major way. Cancer season can feel like an intense emotional rollercoaster—especially if you don’t have any major water placements in your chart—but channeling cancer energy means using emotions to unlock our hidden depths, nurture loved ones, and even be creative and innovative leaders.
Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is known as the emotional compass of astrology. The moon, controller of the ocean and its tides, carries deep feminine energy. If the sun shines a bright, bombastic spotlight, then the moon is a quiet luminary, representing our inner selves and emotional core. This watery, feminine, fluid energy underscores the big feelings, maternal nature, and internal depth of Cancer season.  Cancer's maternal energy creates a quiet pillar of strength, and makes this season one that is primed for giving back and caring for others; nurturing through growth and understanding, not through coddling.Cancers are often typified as the mothers of the zodiac because of their deep, intuitive care for those around them, but they are also somewhat like teenagers—inhabiting the two distinct worlds of childhood and adulthood through joy and excitement, worry and responsibility. 
Cancers are often stereotyped as cry babies who are able to weaponize their emotions, but Cancers are inherent nurturers and leaders. The creed of Cancer is “I feel”, and to intuit  and engage through those feelings. Cancer is a cardinal sign (like Aries, Libra and Capricorn) that initiates the beginning of a new season, and takes action. Cancer season allows us to fuel our big picture ideas with emotion, but also to really think about what it means to take care of ourselves and others. Community is key for cancers, and this is a great time of year to nourish your own. 
Cancer is symbolized by the crab, a creature that is at home in land and water, with a tough exterior and a soft inside. While many cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves, they can be tough as nails on the outside and may have difficulty being vulnerable with those that aren’t in their inner circle. Like the crab and the changing tides of the ocean, Cancers are fluid and adaptable, and that energy is definitive of Cancer season. Cancers are grounded by hearth and home, and fiercely protective of their spaces and loved ones. They are very rarely minimalists, and love to collect trinkets and tokens of places they've been or from people they love. Cancer season is a great time to look through old photos, wax nostalgic, write love letters. 
This season may feel heavy for some—it's hard to feel so much all the time. Cancers and Cancer Season are here to remind us that you can't push away your feelings; they can guide us, energize us, embolden us. This time of year, you can choose what you want to do with your feelings, but you can't avoid them. Channel the season and dive deep into the ocean waters to connect, to create, to lead, to nurture, to daydream. Shop our Cancer Season collection to get intuitive, insightful and dynamic, just like this romantic water sign. 
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