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Hello, Gemini Season!

21/05/2024 | Denise Houser

Hello, Gemini season! After all the grounded feels and physicality of Taurus season, we’ve moved into a time that is all about being a social butterfly. Gemini—the first air sign of the zodiac year—is bright, intellectual and adaptable. This is the time for ideas, conversation and sparkle. Right before the real heat of summer, we’re in a season that is full to the brim with energy, creativity and communication.

Ever heard “I contain multitudes?” That’s the catchphrase of Gemini season. Represented by the twins, Geminis are defined by their duality and adaptability. Geminis can talk to anyone about anything, and are incredibly expressive, extroverted and curious. Often, Geminis can seem like two different people—they are just as good at buzzing around a nightclub as they are sitting with their study group at a library. Because of Geminis incredible sociability and skillful adaptation in so many different contexts, this sign is often categorized as fake, two-faced or duplicitous. However, Geminis are the least brooding of the zodiac signs. They genuinely want to chat with everyone, pursue every passion, and explore every version of themselves. Like all signs, they have a shadow side, and Geminis magnetic charm can be used to selfish or manipulative ends. However, this season you can let go of the idea that you can only act one kind of way, have one kind of career, be friends with only certain people. Geminis encourage us to recognize that every party of ourselves is equally valuable, worthy and real.

Geminis have a genuine, open-hearted curiosity, and are categorized as quick learners. They’re often pioneers in their fields, and have an extra chatty, extroverted shine about them. This season invites us to eschew boredom and to follow any little thing we might be curious about. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury —the planet and messenger of communication. To a Gemini, communication and expression is paramount, and often more important than what is being said. They can be blunt and have to remember to be thoughtful with their words. Even after a foot-in-mouth moment though, Geminis move on. This season, we’re invited to be natural chameleons in social situations, and not sweat the small stuff.

This is a great time of year to switch up your routine, or give it up all together. This season is all about seeking out new experiences and versions of living. As result, this season can be socially and mentally exhausting; a whirlwind of parties and books and new ideas. It’s a difficult time to do work that requires deep, sustained focus, but it allows us to be curious about everything around us, and to open up our communication. Remember to ground yourself in the things you need to, but enjoy the fruits of this season. Even if you are someone who is typically introspective and private, this season lends itself to discussion, collaboration and fun.

Sometimes the profound airiness of Geminis is misunderstood as flakiness or a lack of seriousness, but if anything it’s the opposite—air signs are buzzing with schemes, ideas, and a surplus of mental energy.  Geminis have a natural charm and playfulness. This is a season for finding the new and exciting in our everyday lives, to talk to everyone about every little thing that makes you curious. During this time, we’re reminded to express ourselves, to communicate, to learn, and to not limit ourselves to one way of being. Let yourself marvel at the world around you, the universe will reward you for being inquisitive. Shop our Gemini season  collection to get curious, energized and expressive, just like this sparkly air sign.

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