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Why I Started Houser (Look Good and Do Good, All at the Same Time)

06/11/2023 | Denise Houser

The other day someone asked me why I started a jewelry business. And initially I said because I wanted to start a business that was built around something I made and/or designed myself. As I thought about it more, really, the most basic and authentic reason, the one that comes from my heart, is about emphasizing how all human beings are connected: spiritually and energetically. 

So what I’m seeking to do through my business is to educate, inspire, and build awareness and support for women and other marginalized communities. After all, we’re only as strong as our weakest link. 

You can have all the money in the world,. And all the things. But if you can’t connect with your fellow human beings then—what’s the point? It’s the most fulfilling thing that we can do, and we are not powerless. 

By purchasing my jewelry, I’m empowering you to support other human beings across the globe. You can look good and do good, all that the same time. 

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